in 2004, they were born 4 hours apart in same hospital. in 2017, they’re still inseparable best buds

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — They are life-long best friends but they might as well be twins.
Born on the same day, March 29, 2004, Great Kills natives Timothy (Timmy) Patrick Yorks and William (Billy) Christopher Buonocore were literally born together in the same hospital — and laid in side-by-side cribs in the newborn nursery at Staten Island University Hospital.
Their moms were even best friends and were roommates, sharing the same room in the maternity ward at SIUH. (Even their fathers have the same first name!)
Almost a decade-and-a-half later, they are still the best of friends, and celebrated their 13th birthdays together with their parents, Katie and Vinny Yorks and Cathy and Vinny Buonucore, at Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn.
“I grew up on Kennington Street in Great Kills,” Katie said. “Cathy and Vinny moved onto Kennington Street in February of 2000. We became fast friends, and both our husbands are firefighters, which is like a brotherhood.”
Katie and Vinny were expecting their third child when Cathy and Vinny were expecting their fourth. Cathy was technically due to deliver two weeks after Katie.
Both women were patients of Dr. Alex Giannakakos, their obstetrician.
“I went into labor at SIUH on March 29 and all I wanted was my own private room. There was only one left and it was first come, first serve. In walks Cathy into labor and delivery and she told me she ‘was getting that room,'”  recalled Katie, laughing. 
“Ultimately, we both lost the room to someone who delivered faster but we both delivered beautiful baby boys. We made best of it and, luckily, shared a room together which was so much fun.”
Timmy and Billy were born four hours apart and became best of friends soon after birth. Timothy attends St. Clare School and Billy attends St. Patrick’s School. 
“They grew up together, play sports together and we vacation together as families,” said Katie. 
Timmy has two older sisters and Billy has three older brothers.  One big difference they have is Timmy is a Yankee fan and Billy is a die hard Mets fan.
“They have been playing together since they were little for hours upon hours and have such a natural friendship.  We often say they are like twins,” said Katie. “But one thing’s for sure:  We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have such great friends.”